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Quick Update: Stop Refreshing Amazon (for now)!

Hey folks. I wanted to make sure everyone understood my target release date for LAST…

LAST MAN OUT: Read the first TWO chapters here!

Normally I'd post the prologue as a teaser instead of the first chapters... but I…

Owning Mistakes, aka Hindsight, aka Learning

Molly Ringwald has a wonderful article in the New Yorker revisiting her work in John Hughes's films.…

About the Author

Seattle Indie Author Elliott Kay

Elliott Kay grew up in Los Angeles and currently resides in Seattle, Washington. He has a bachelor’s degree in history and is a former member of the US Coast Guard. Kay has survived a motorcycle crash, severe seasickness, summers in Phoenix, and winters in Seattle.

He has written two highly successful ebook series- the swashbuckling space adventure Poor Man's Fight and Rich Man's War that will appeal to fans of John Scalzi and Ender's Game, as well as the bawdy and irreverent paranormal romance Good Intentions and Natural Consequences, a cross between Good Omens and Weird Science. Don't miss his novella Days of High Adventure, a unique urban fantasy that brings tabletop gaming to life.