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Audiobook! Artwork! Updates!

LAST MAN OUT has dropped on AUDIBLE! I figure that's the first thing on most…

WANDERING MONSTERS — New book, new series!

Bloody, broke, and face down on the floor is no way to end a job...…

WorldCon San Jose!

I went to WorldCon! This was not a thing I planned. Not in advance, anyway.…

About the Author

Seattle Indie Author Elliott Kay

Elliott Kay is the author of the military sci-fi series Poor Man’s Fight, a gripping adventure of shattered dreams, space pirates, and student debt. His urban fantasy series Good Intentions combines equal parts action, comedy, and high-heat romance (for your own good, please read the warning labels).

Elliott grew up in Los Angeles and currently resides in Seattle, Washington. He has a bachelor’s degree in history and is a former member of the US Coast Guard. Elliott has survived years of teaching high school, a motorcycle crash, severe seasickness, summers in Phoenix, and winters in Seattle.