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Hey all,

Wow I am awful about updating this blog, aren’t I? The straightforward explanation is I’d rather put my energies toward putting out the next book than come up with filler updates, so here we are. That said: yesterday I finished the rough draft for Good Intentions IV, which is always the most time-consuming part of production. Revision rounds generally go much faster for me. I have the cover art in production now, too.

As a projection: This book won’t be out until after the New Year, though I don’t want to say when. Audible has expressed interest in doing an audio version and I’d like to coordinate with them, but they can’t get to work on that until my work is done. Additionally, I’ve tried December releases before and they don’t exactly soar.

GI IV will involve the entire gang again, though a couple members of our ever-growing ensemble will have a little less involvement as life has gone on for everyone. Zafirah is back to call in her marker with Alex and we’ll also see more of the mercs from Personal Demons, along with an explanation of what they were up to in Iraq. Turns out it’s much more connected to the gang than anyone expects.

As a note about my presence in the interim: I’m deliberately using Facebook less, as it’s completely unreliable as a platform in addition to the ever-growing mountain of dodgy garbage from Facebook as a company itself. Shoot me an email at if you want direct notification of new releases from me. New releases are the only communication you’ll ever get from me other than direct replies, and I keep notifications on the bcc line to avoid sharing the list.

Also: If you’re jonesing for more Good Intentions goodness, My Patreon Page offers a monthly short story and one or two sneak peeks at current projects a month! Subscribing will get you access to all of the content so far–currently EIGHT Good Intentions short stories, a Poor Man’s Fight short, and a whole lot of other bells and whistles. Give it a look!

That’s it for me. Back to work on the book. Take care!

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