WANDERING MONSTERS — New book, new series!

Bloody, broke, and face down on the floor is no way to end a job… even for a “monster.”

Life hasn’t been easy for Scars of No-Clan. The king has a bounty out on all monstrous folk, leaving half-orc warriors like Scars no choice but to work for the local evil wizard. Now adventurers have hit the wizard’s dungeon, wiping out years of hard work along with most of his co-workers. He’s left with a handful of survivors: an outcast goblin scout, a heretical gnoll, the wizard’s bizarre apprentice, a bandit cut loose from the stockade, and a murderous knife-fighting lady bugbear. They have to escape before the adventurers find them–and the only way out is through the darkest reaches of the dungeon.

Scars wanted to walk off this job the day he was hired, but going out like this is going to look terrible on his résumé.

RUN LIKE HELL is available HERE on Amazon!


To answer a few likely questions:

-I don’t know if there will be an audio version or not. This is a short novel and usually my longer stuff works better for Audible. We’ll see.

-Paperback may a bit in coming, as with Last Man Out. My usual channels for getting the formatting and production stuff have closed so I have to work out a new pathway.

-YES, I will absolutely continue Poor Man’s Fight and Good Intentions. No, I can’t tell you when the next book in either series will be out, though GI 4 will probably be sometime next year. A sequel to Wandering Monsters may likely hit before that, though.

Hope you enjoy!

7 thoughts on “WANDERING MONSTERS — New book, new series!

  1. PeterM

    I liked Wandering Monsters quite a bit. The characters, the world, the premise, it all works very well. God help me, but I think you did the best job with that asshole troll at the jail. He was so true to life it made me want to jump into DigDig’s body so I could beat him to death with a shovel. Gah.

    I do have to ask, the evil overlord who took over in the recent past and is stoking resentment against people who are different, was that a bit too on the nose or am I just damaged from the last few years? And if it was intentional, does that make the Princess the equivalent of non-complicit Ivanka? I’m not sure I can handle that.

    1. Elliott Kay Post author

      The princess is absolutely not Ivanka. At some point, the comparison of “she’s like this person, except…” breaks down, because the “except” is literally everything about them. At one point, in the very final revisions, I thought, “Gosh, is anyone gonna think she’s supposed to be Ivanka?” But that seemed silly to me. She sure isn’t in any way.

      The king isn’t Trump, either. I don’t think I can write to that level of incompetence. But if you see echoes in the same hate and the same bullshit, well. That’s a tale as old as time, right?
      Which is to say Trump’s bullshit shouldn’t surprise anyone.

  2. Peter

    Yeah, she really didn’t come across as Ivanka at all. The King came across as an evil, hateful bastard in it solely for his own gain, though, so where else was my mind going to go? We’re living in the darkest timeline, dammit.

    In any case, great story, can’t wait for more of it or whatever else you want to write next. But I’ll give you a nickel if it’s a new Good Intentions book. I’m going through Rachel withdrawal.

  3. Anonymous

    lol at PeterM and Peter.

    I did like the book.
    A bit of SJW here and there, but very lightly applied so it was actually enjoyable.

    Are you going for sort of Demontech (by David Sherman) traveling group of warriors that grows into a community, pursued by implacable enemy, searching for a place where they can settle?

    1. Elliott Kay Post author

      I consider “SJW” to be high praise, whether intended or not, so thank you.
      To answer your question, yes and no. The books (and the crew) won’t ignore what’s going on with their people, but they are also not super interested in becoming epic leader types.

      1. Anonymous

        The not becoming epic leader types is why I brought up Demontech. The inner circle is two marine privates and a dancer. What ends up happening is that each of them is “adopted” by different military group that attach to inner circle along the way. So they receive the input from the community, discuss it within the inner circle, then declare their decision to the community.

        The fact that implacable enemy is always there in the background, always pushing, always a threat makes sure that community does not splinter.

  4. Michael

    Just a fantastic story. Can’t wait for more from the Crew. Though I have to say, my most quoted character is from the Murder Hobo side. I have to randomly interject, in various forum and social media posts:



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